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♥ Pretty LIl' Firefly ♥ Tutorial Featuring the art of Norma J. Burnell!!

This tutorial was created with PaintShop Pro x4 but can be done with other versions and/or programs.

Artist's Tube of choice: I am using the just gorgeous PTU work of Norma J. Burnell. Please DO NOT use her images without the proper license. You can find this tube here

Scrap Kit of choice: I am using the wonderful PTU kit Pretty Rita by Tiny Turtle Designs You can find this kit here
Mask of choice: I am using mask MPM_mask90 by Millie's PSP Madeness and you can find it HERE She has some great stuff there on her blog!

Fonts of choice: I am using PF Rhonda Senven for the © and Chopin Script for the name/text.

Ok, grab a cuppa, and a munchie, and let's go!!

Please remember to SAVE your work often, RENAME your layers, and if you feel you have really messed up.... Remember that UNDO is your bestest friend!!

C/P = Copy and Paste

Open a new 900 x 900 transparent image. 72Dpi.

C/P ele239 and erase the bow loops.

Grab your magic wand tool and click inside the frame. Selections>Modify>Expand and expand by 8. Create a new layer. Drag the layer under your frame layer.
C/P Into Selection paper33. Keep selected and create new raster layer.
C/P Into Selection paper17. Set the layer blend mode to Overlaye. Create a new layer.
With your paint bucket tool, choose a light purple from your tube and flood fill the selction. Set the blend mode to hard light. Hide your frame layer and merge visible. Unhide the frame.

C/P ele79 Resize it down. You don't want to make it really small as we want it look like it is part of the frame. Place it at the top of the frame.

C/P tube as a new layer on top of the frame. Resize to your liking and position her so she actually sits on top of the frame.

Back on your tube file with your rectangle selection tool, draw a small selection around a firefly on the firefly layer. Edit>Copy. Back to your working canvas, Edit>Paste As New Layer. Place over where her wrist is to hide the fact that she has no hand.. Now do the same for any other fireflies you wish to add. As many as you want.

Now here is the part where I don't tell you what to place. Add elements to decorate around the frame.
If you wish to colorize, this is how I do it. On the element go to Image>Increase Color Depth and choose 16bit. The Adjust>Hue and Saturation>Colorize and bring all the sliders over to the left. Hit ok. Grab your Manual Correction Tool. For your Source color choose a grey from your element, and for the Target color choose a color from your tube. Adjust the sliders as needed then hit ok. If it is only a certain part on the element that you wish to change, you will need to draw a selection around that part first before going through the steps above.
Ok, go to it! Don't forget.... you can resize, colorize, rotate, layer, erase lil bits.... etc....

Ok, last bit before we add shadows. Your mask. C/P paper3 as a new layer. Layers>Arrange>Send to bottom. Open your mask up on your workspace.

Click back on your working image to make it active then go to Layers>New Mask Layer. When the pop up appears choose MPM_mask90 from the drop down menu. Make sure source luminance is checked, and uncheck Invert Mask Data.

Now take a last look at your tag. Add drop shadows to any or all layers. Settings of your choice.

Hide your mask element, not your layer mask. Merge the rest of the layers visible. Duplicate. Lower the layer opacity to 40%. Open your mask element then merge visible again.

Crop and resize your image. Add your © info and your name with any effect that you choose to add.. You now have a soft beautiful tag!!

This tutorial was created by me, Mary Oakes aka Ariez Moon, on 10/30/2014. Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Please abide by my TOU and the TOU of Artists and Designers that you may use.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope that I did not do too bad of a job writing it. If you have any problems, questions, comments, or suggestions just give me a hollar in my Cbox, or connect with me on FB. I will get back to you as fast as I can.

As always, Happy PSPing.... and Photoshop too :) !!

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