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♥ Autumn Walk ♥ CT Tutorial Mysterfeerie 2 tags - One Tut For Both !

This tutorial was created with Photoshop CS6 or CS2 depending on which filters I use, but can be done with other versions and/or programs. Note some of your favorite older filters will no longer work in CS6.

Artist's Tube of choice: I am using the wonderful animals that are in the kit for the main tubes.

Scrap Kit of choice: I am using the gorgeous PTU kit Autumn Walk by Mysterfeerie. You can find this beautiful kit here

Mask of choice: I am using mask MPM_mask84 by Millie at Millie's PSP Madness and you can find it HERE

Fonts of choice: I am using OH La La for the © and The Carpenter Regular for the name/text.

Ok, grab a cuppa, and a munchie, and let's go!!

Please remember to SAVE your work often, RENAME your layers, and if you feel you have really messed up.... Remember that UNDO is your bestest friend!!

C/P = Copy and Paste/Drag and Drop
DS – Drop Shadow

This is actually going to be two tags in one tut!!

First Tag

Create a new image 800x800, transparent background, 72dpi.
C./P 52 to center of canvas.
C/P all the animals from the kit and resize to your liking.
Duplicate the kittens a couple of times and arrange them to how you like.
Alter or recolor them so that they do not look so uniform.
Here is what I did.
On two of the kittens use your Burn Tool Brush set at a small size 0% hardness and set on Shadows, to lightly change how the kittens look. On one kitten, I darkened up his chest area and the spot on his head, between his ears.
On the other kitten I touched up in different spots along his back, chest,paws etc...
Choose one of your kittens and with your Puppet Warp Tool. Set your pins all around his main body, and 3 on his tail. Move the pins on his tail to reshape it.

NOTE I can't really teach you HOW to use the Puppet Warp if you have never used it. I just learned about it myself, as in all my tutorials, I try to use and try to have you use different tools to experiment with. This is so you actually learn more about the program then just tagging. You can go HERE to view the same tutorial I did, if that is what you wish.

C/P 54. Resize way down and put it so that it looks like it is hanging inside the stone arch.
C/P 60 and place the layer under your stone arch layer. Resize and positon to the left of the arch.
C/P 29 and position in front of the tree. Resize.
Open 22 but do not place it on your canvas yet. With your Lasso Tool, make a selection around the larges leaves. Edit>Copy. On your working image go to Edit>Paste in Place.
Resize the leaves dowm to what suits you best. Duplicate them as many times as needed, rotate and position them all around the arch and the animals to make it look like the ground is covered in them. Add a slight DS to each leaf layer. Close all other layers but the leaves and merge visible.
Back to 22. Select>Deselct. C/P to canvas, resize and position on the left of the arch to what you like best. Duplicate and flip it and place on the right side of the arch.

Now C/P any more elements that you wish to add.. I added flowers to frame around the arch. And a pile of acorns.

Now add DS's and/or glows., to any or all layers.

Prepare your mask and C/P it to the center of your canvas. Drag the layer down all the way to the bottom.

Open paper 10. Duplicate it, then close the origianl. Don't C/P it to your canvas yet.
Add some sprays from the kit to it. Duplicate the sprays as many times as you would like to add more effect or texture to it.
Merge visible then C/P above your mask layer.
Right click on the layer and choose create clipping mask. Duplicate. Set the blend mode to the duplicate layer to hard light. Close all layers but the three mask layers and merge visible.
With your move tool, move the mask layer up a bit.

Now before we add our © and name, lets trim the image down.
Go to Image Trim. With these settings

Then right click on your canvas and choose Image Size. Change the longest side of your image to 700 px and make sure that all three options on the bottom are checked.

Now add you name and your © info. Save to Web as PNG=24 and you are finished with this tag.

You can stop here or continue on for the little name tag!

Create a new Image. 500X500px, transparent background, 72dpi.

C/P 21 and resize it down. Duplicate and set the blend mode to hard light. Merge visible.
C/P 20 and resize it down.
C/P 04 and resize it down. Place it so that it sits around the clock.
Now, if not enough of your glitter scatter is showing, resize the the clock and the wire down a bit more.
C/P 58. Resize down and Place around the wire on the left hand side. You may need to rotate it a bit to get it how you want it. Duplicate and flip it horizontally and place on the right hand side.. Erase any part of the element that you don't want with a small soft brush.
C./P 55. Resize down and place on the upper right of the wire. Duplicate and place the duplicate just down a bit from the first one.
C/P 50.. Resize down. Duplicat twice. Place each of the three flowers under the charm on the wire. Layer them any way you want.

Not take a last look at your tag, see if you want to add anything,. Add DS to any or all elements.
Once you have every thing the way you want it, merge visible, then resize down a bit more. If something looks a lil blurry sharpen it up with the unsharp mask or smart sharpen filter.

If you have a smaller name you can add it now, if longer names then you might have widen your canvas a bit. Right click on Canvas Size and adjust as needed.
Add any effects that you wish to add to your name. Trim the tranparent pixels, Save as PNG=24 and you are done!

This tutorial was created by me, Mary Oakes aka Ariez Moon, on 11/07/2014. Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Please abide by my TOU and the TOU of Artists and Designers that you may use.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope that I did not do too bad of a job writing it. If you have any problems, questions, comments, or suggestions just give me a hollar in my Cbox, or connect with me on FB. I will get back to you as fast as I can.

As always, Happy PSPing.... and Photoshop too :) !!
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