Tuesday, October 21, 2014

♥Midday Frolic♥ ~CT tutorial for Mellie Beans~

This tutorial was created by me, Mary Oakes aka Ariez Moon, on 10/12/2014. Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Please abide by my TOU and the TOU of Artists and Designers that you may use.

This tutorial was created with Photoshop CS6 but can be done with other versions and/or programs.

Scrap Kit of choice: I am using the wonderful PTU kit Fairy Frolic by Mellie Beans. You can find this kit here

Artist's Tube of choice: I am using the wonderfully adorable PTU work of Melissa Dawn. Please DO NOT use her images without the proper license or permission. You can find this tube here

Mask of choice: I am using 2 masks KBH_2013_Mask23 and 24 by Kaci and you can find them at CreativeMisfits Creations

Fonts of choice: I am using FFF Majestica for the © and Aquarelle for the name/text.

Ok, grab a cuppa, and a munchie, and let's go!!
Please remember to name your layers and SAVE your work often.

Open a new 900 x 900 transparent image. 72 dpi. Name your fiile whatever you wish.. I know it is big, but we will resize later.
Prepare and apply your first mask. If you do not know how to prepare your mask, you can go HERE. Apply your first paper ( pp1 ) and create a clipping mask. Merge Visible.
Prepare and apply your second mask. Apply your second paper ( pp5 ) and create a clipping mask. Scale down to your liking. Close off your first layer, Merge Visible. Open bottom layer.

Drag your frame that you wish to use ( fr1 ) onto the working canvas. Scale and position where you want it.

Drag and drop your tube onto the canvas. In the layers palette drag the layer under your frame layer. Resize if need be and with your eraser tool, erase the little bits of tube that stick out of your frame.

Drag and drop ele06 onto the canvas. Duplicate and move the top one over to the left or right a tad bit. Just enough to make the grass look fuller. With a really soft eraser brush, run the brush across the bottom edge of the grass to soften the edge, and erase bits of the left and right edges.

Drag and drop ele21 onto your canvas, and in the layers palette drag the layer under your tube layer. Duplicate and flip that layer vertically. Position each layer how you want it, close off all other layers in the layers palette and merge visible. I scaled my vines down a bit and with a really soft eraser, erased bits here and there. You don't have to, if you don't want to though. Open the layers up and erase the vines that are inside the frame.

Drag and Drop ele20 onto your canvas. Resize and position the bow on top of your Frame.

Drag and drop ele22 and ele14 onto your canvas. Duplicate, resize and arrange the flowers into a neat little cluster among the mushroom elements. Close all other layers in the layers palette. Merge Visible, then duplicate and flip horizontally and position to the bottom of the right side of the frame.

Drag and Drop wa1 Place at the very bottom above the grass. Colorize and resize and add a stroke of white, and a drop shadow of your choice..

Place ele13 onto your canvas and drag the layer under your tube layer. Position to your liking. Colorize if you wish and resize. Duplicate and reposition to your liking.

Finally, drag and drop ele18 onto your canvas. Resize and position the sparkles where ever you wish. Change the Blending Modes of both layers to hard light.

Ok, now take a good look at your tag, look to see if you want or need to make any changes. Now lets add a little detail. On your very bottom mask layer, bring up your Blending Options and click on Drop Shadow. Leave everything at default except use a dark green for the shadow color. Do the same for your top mask layer only use a dark pink.
Now on the rest of the layers, use any soft shadow with a wide spread of your choice.
Trim your image and resize if you wish.

Add your copyright info and your name with any special effects you may wish to add, and you are finished! AWWW cuteness!!

Save for Web, png24!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope that I did not do too bad of a job writing it. If you have any problems, questions, comments, or suggestions just give me a hollar in my Cbox, or connect with me on FB. I will get back to you as fast as I can.

As always, Happy PSPing.... and Photoshop too :) !!

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