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Beauty Framed ~ Old tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, Mary Oakes on November 6, 2008 and revised and edited on June 17, 2014. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Please be sure to abide by my TOU.

Before we begin, I just want to say that although animation might seem confusing, please do not get discouraged. If you find that a tutorial may be too confusing for you, just do an easier tutorial until you get the hang of the programs and functions that the programs can do. All good things come to those who do not give up!! I assure you it gets easier and it is very rewarding!!

This is written for PSP 9 and re visioned with X2 . I am sure that it will work in other versions, and was also written to help beginners and pros alike. For you pros out there, I am sorry if my tuts seem a bit lengthy and long winded BUT …. we all had to start somewhere, right?

Tools we will be using:
Move Tool, Flood Fill Tool, Deformation Tool, Magic Wand (Selection Tool), Lasso (Selection Tool), Eraser Tool
Abbreviations that I use:
PSP = Paint Shop Pro
AS = Animation Shop

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro
Animation Shop 3
or another animation program that you are familiar with. Animation Shop is no longer supported by Corel and is no longer bundled with Paint Shop Pro. There used to be a website that offered a free legal copy of it, but I no longer know what that link is.

A Tube AND an Image of choice from the same artist. I am using the gorgeous work of Jennifer Janesko. You must purchase a license to use her wonderful tubes and you can get them at 

 This particular tube was Purchased at CILM while they were still open so that is why my CILM license # is on the tag.

Font of choice. I used Aquarelle.

Scrap kit or elements of choice. The kit that I have used, is used with general permission and is called Romantic Charm by Bluey of BlueDreamDesigns . The kit was a freebie kit but is no longer offered for download. If you do have her kit or any other kit please abide by her TOU. Please DO NOT change any file names. You don't have to use this kit if you don't want to.. Be creative and use whatever you like, after all tutorials are a learning guide. They are not set in stone.

Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation. You can download a demo version HERE.
PhotoEffex Scanlines. This is a freeware plug-in. Just Google it and you should be able to find a download.
Xero Porcelain HERE.
Click on the right were it says freeware filters.
Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact- Gradient Glow Demo Version HERE.

Open up your supplies and put them in their proper places, wherever you keep your tubes, plug-ins, kits, and fonts. Don't know where your filters and plugins go?? I have a tut for that!!

Please remember to save you work often and remember that UNDO can be your bestest friend!! 8o)

Are you ready? Let's begin!! 8o)

Create a new transparent image 600 x 600 pixels. Flood fill white. In your Layer Palette, double click on it and when a pop up box comes up you will see a field box that says Name. This will rename your layer. Where it says Name type in “BG” or “Background” click OK or hit Enter on your keyboard. HIT SAVE!!
And Name your file!

Open up your scrap kit of choice or the one I am using. Copy and paste as New Layer the diamond frame and center in canvas, Image>Resize>Resize 95%. Go to Adjust>Sharpen. On your Layer Palette double click and rename. Name this layer Diamond Frame. 

Copy and paste as new layer frame 3. Image>Resize>Resize 95%. Click on your Raster Deform Tool  in your tool palette.
 Use the nodes to squeeze the left, right, and upper sides in until it fits into your diamond frame. If you can't see the left node for the deform tool, use your cursor and click and drag to stretch out your canvas window.
Copy and paste as a new layer frame 2. Image> Resize>Resize 95% and sharpen, again grab your deform tool and stretch the frame so it sits in the middle of frame 3, sharpen once again.
Click on your Eraser Tool
 on your Tool Palette. Using your eraser at a small size to erase the part of frame 2 that sits on the bow of frame 3.

In your layer palette click on the eyes
 of your diamond frame and the white background layers to hide them. Make sure your top frame layer is active (Highlighted), right click and choose Merge>Merge visible. Rename this layer Merged Frame.
Now make sure your Merged Frame layer is active. On your Tool Palette grab your magic wand
 tolerance and feather set at 0 and click inside the frame making sure that all the white areas inside it is selected (You will see “marching ants”). Go to Selections>Modify> Expand>Expand by 6.
Copy and paste as new layer your image tube, placing it wherever you like and resizing as needed. Go to Selections>Invert then hit delete on your keyboard. This will get rid of anything out side of the selection. On your Layer Palette move this layer under your Merged Frame layer. You can do this by left clicking on the layer, hold and drag that layer box under the specific layer. Rename this layer Image.

Go to Effects>Plug-ins>Xero>Porcelain at the default settings. If you unsure of the setting just choose the reset button within the plug-in and then click OK. Next go to PhotoEffex>Scanlines and apply the following settings:

 Apply Scanlines once more with the same settings, only put a tic in the Vertical Toggle box. 
On your layer pallet lower the visibility of this layer to 70.
Now click on the eye for this layer on the layer palette and hide this layer for the time being. HIT SAVE!!
      Activate your Merged Frame layer, right click on it and choose Duplicate. Keeping the original Merged Frame layer activated, copy and paste as a new layer your regular tube that you had chosen.
      Make your duplicate frame layer active, zoom in on your image, from the Tool Palette, grab your Lasso Tool.
       Settings: Freehand, Mode: add/shift Feather 0 and Smoothing at 2. Carefully draw (click and hold left mouse button while dragging your mouse) around the part of the ribbon on the frame, and even some of the frame itself where you want your tube to look as though it is popping out of the frame.

       It is easier if you do small selections at a time. Hit delete on your key board. Then Selections>Select None. Once you get closer to her arms and face it gets a little more trickier. Since I am not really any good with the Lasso Tool this is where I decided to use my Eraser Tool instead. If any part of the tube is sticking out of the frame, that shouldn't be visible, click on the tube layer and use your Eraser Tool to erase that part of your tube. 

       HIT SAVE!!
      Keep your tube layer active and go to Effects>Xero>Porcelain and choose the default settings. Go to Effects>3D Effects>Drop Shadow and play with the settings until you find something that you like. I chose to use a softer shadow.
      Now add any other embellishments that you wish, resize to your liking. I added some ivy, jewels, and some charms. I added a drop shadow to my ivy and the jewels, and I used Eye Candy 5 Impact Gradient Glow on the charms with the following settings. 

      I am leaving this open for you because it will give you a chance to play with other setting options like rotating, mirroring, plug-in effects, etc.
Add your name as a new layer using a drop shadow or glow of your choice, play around with the settings. You will be amazed with what you can do with fonts!!
Now unhide your Image layer and your BG (background). Merge all visible, resize and sharpen if you so choose to. If you choose to resize do it before you add your artist credits. If you choose not to animate then stop here. Add subtle drop shadows to some of your layers. Save copy as .jpg or .png.

Continue on if you plan to animate.

Open Animation Shop, then minimize it for now.

PSP versions X - X6 follow along until step 6 then Scroll down and See where it says NOTE ~ 

1) In PSP on your Layer Palette, hide ALL layers that sit BELOW your MERGED FRAME LAYER. Here is my example: The first image shows all my layers before I hide the correct layers.
 The second image shows the layers I need to hide, they are marked with a red X.

2) After you hide the correct layers, activate the very top layer in your Layer Palette, right click and choose Merge>Merge Visible.
4) Unhide your Diamond Frame layer and make it active. Since the sparkles look better on a darker background we are going to add a drop shadow to the frame. Go to Effects>3D Effects>Drop Shadow with these settings and making sure that “On a separate layer” has a tic in it's box before hitting OK:  

5) Once again make your Diamond frame layer active and another drop shadow on a new layer with these settings.

6)  Hide the Diamond Frame, click on one of the shadow frames and merge visible. Hide this layer also, for now.

NOTE ~ Versions 9 and under continue to the end
Versions X - X6 follow these next steps to bring your image into animation shop~

Unhide your image layer and click on it in the layer palette to make sure that it is active. Right click on the top of the image window and choose copy. Right click on an open area on your workspace and choose Paste as New Image. Go to file save and give it a name you will remember and choose a location that you will remember. Next you need to choose the file extension .psp for animation shop. Then click options and put a tick in the middle option. Hit OK then SAVE

Close the image. Restore up Animation Shop. Click on Browse, locate your image and drag it out onto AS's workspace. Now follow along again at step 8 until you see your version directions to get it back into PSP.

7) Unhide your Image layer and click on it in the layer palette to make it active. Right click on the top of your Canvas window and choose copy. Restore up Animation Shop. Right click in the workspace and choose Paste>Paste As New Animation.
8) Now some people might do this differently. I don't know. I am just doing it this way because I didn't have anyone to teach me this effect, so I had to fiddle and play til I found what I liked... Go to Effects>Insert Image Effects with the following settings:

Click ok. You should have 7 frames. Click on the middle of the first frame, right click and choose delete.

9) Now go to Edit>Select All, then Animation>Cull Animation with these settings:
Now you should only have 3 frames.

10) Now go to Edit>Select All. Then File>Export Frames>To Paint Shop Pro. Look in PSP and make sure your frames are there. If they are go into Animation Shop again and go to File>Export Frames>Break Link with Exported Frames. Now you can close this file and you don't have to save it.

Versions X - X6
This is YOUR step 10!! You can not export your frames back to AS so what we need to do is click on Edit > Select All Frames then  File > Save Frames As and use the following settings

Check to make sure it will be saved where you can remember where it is, Hit save and close it. Restore up PSP, and open up the image onto your workspace. You should be able to continue on from here with mishaps.

11) Go back to Paint Shop Pro. On your main canvas make sure that all your layers are hidden EXCEPT the Image layer and make sure that the image layer is active. Click on the Image frames window that you exported from Animation Shop. Starting on the frame named Frame 1 click and hold in the middle of the canvas and drag it into your ORIGINAL canvas. Don't worry if the frames and the original image do not line up we will fix that in a minute. Now do the same for the other two frames.
12) Now if you look in your Layer Palette these 3 frames are now called Raster 1, 2, and 3. Rename these layers ANI 1, 2, and 3. Click on the main image once again and make ANI 1 layer active. At the top of your Layer Palette you will see a toggle called the Layer Link Toggle. I love this handy little tool. This links layers together so that when you move them you don’t have to move a layer one by one and try to match them again!! Click on that toggle until it shows the #1. Do the exact same thing for Ani 2 and Ani 3 making sure you make the corresponding layers active before you use the toggle.

13) Now go to your Original image layer and make it active. Go to Selections>Select All>Selections>Float>Selections>Defloat. We are going to use the selection as I guide for our animation frames. Hide layers ANI 2 and ANI 3. Lower the visibilty of ANI 1 just enough so you can visibly see your original image layer, on your main canvas move ANI 1 so it sits in the selection. If any thing is outside of the selection then this means you need to move it some more. Once ANI 1 sits exactly inside the selection all 3 of your layers should be perfectly lined up with the original image. Go to Selections>Select None.
14) Unhide ANI 2 and 3. Unhide your Merged layer and check to see if your ANI layers are where you want them to be. If all is well click on your original Image Layer to make it active. Right click and choose delete.
      Wheeewww! You can now breathe a sigh of relief, the hardest part is over!! LOL

Your layer pallet should now look something like this: Note~ Some layers I merged visible so that there were less of them. You can do the same as long as you know that you're absolutely safe to do so.

15) Now close off all layers except shadow layers and the Diamond Frame layer.
Activate the Shadow layer that is directly under your Diamond Frame layer. Right click and choose Merge>Merge Down. No go to Selections>Select All>Selections>Float>Selections Defloat. Right click and choose Duplicate. Now duplicate it one more time, you should now have 3 layers of the shadow. Rename the shadow layers 1 2 and 3. Hide the 2 duplicate layers.

16) Activate the original layer. Go to Effects>Plug-ins>Xenofex>Constellation and choose the following settings:

Hide that layer. Click on the next layer, unhide it and apply the same settings except hit the random seed button. Hide that layer. Click on the last shadow layer, and do the same for this last layer only hitting the random seed button.

Shall we make it move now?
Unhide all layers EXCEPT 2,3, ANI 2, and ANI 3. Make your background raster Active. Go to Edit> Copy Merged.
Open up Animation Shop and go to Edit>Past as New Animation. Or right click in your workspace and choose Paste>Paste as New Animation.
Back in PSP hide 1 and ANI 1. Unhide 2 and ANI 2.
Edit>Copy Merged.

In AS Edit>Paste>Paste After Current Frame. Or once again right click and choose Paste>After Current Frame.

Hide 2 and ANI 2. Unhide 3 and ANI 3. Edit>Copy Merged.
Do the same as above making sure you paste it after current frame in AS.

Now View Animation. You can do this by clicking on the film strip at the top of AS
20.) Save as GIF and optimize.
BAM!!! You are done!!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope I did not do too bad at writing it. If you have any problems you can blast me with a comment, or leave me a message on my Facebook Page.
X's and O's and happy creating!!

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