Friday, August 1, 2014

Been Pretty Busy

Well, I have been treading on all kinds of different waters lately. I have been learning all kinds of stuff. I have taken a huge leap after many years and started to learn Photoshop. Other than taking some creations into PSP for the use of filters that no longer work in PS, I haven't touched PSP at all! Let me tell ya, I was told that PS was so much easier to tag with, and I can't even explain how true that is!! AND the switch really wasn't that big of deal as far as tools and such go. 

I took another big plunge and finally made my very first kit!!! Actually, it is a mini kit. It looks amateurish, I know, but I am so very freakin' proud of it!! I also tried my hand at making some tag templates!!! I going to work with them tomorrow to make some tags and maybe even tut them up if I like them well enough!! 

I found a new home away from home here in the tagging world! You can find me most of the time with Gizzy ( Rene Kunert - Found at Creative Design Outlet and wonderful owner of Rebel-Dezigns ), Hellasweet ( P&A Dezigns ), Schnegge ( Schnegge's Scraps ), and Abstract ( Abstract Creations ) over at Rebel Dezigns!!! I have only been there for a short time but I love it! Plenty of contests, challenges, FTU tubes and just plain good ol' fun and conversation! They have made me feel so very welcome there! If you register and use Gizzy's FTU art please make sure you read her TOU and licensing information!

Well....... without further ado here is a preview of the mini kit I made. It is part of a collaboration for July over at Rebel's. It will be just a few more days before they will be released, Go check it out and grab the other parts too!!! You can also find the tag templates there also!!  AND if there is anyone who wishes to share some tips and advice on kit and template making, It would be very much appreciated and welcomed!!

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