Monday, June 16, 2014

Back with a vengence!! For Realz this time!!!

Well Wow, life sure had a way of kicking one in the teeth. Like my mom always said " If this family didn't have bad luck, we would have no luck at all. " That,  my beautiful mother is an understatement!! My bad luck has been going on and on and on! So, long story short work had all my attention, lost everything computer related, still working on getting it all back, now I am injured and off of work for a while. The plus note of all of this is I am off work for a while, LOL. This gives me time to get my old tuts up, and hopefully get some new ones in!

I honestly don't know why, since no one looks at these anyway but what the hell! It gives me something to do.... any whooooo see ya on the creative side, and if you do happen to visit this blog, let me know! Leave some feed back and suggestions.... would be nice to know that some one is seeing it!


Guess I won't be uploading my older tutorials after all, all but one anyway. I can't get any of my docs to open properly. I don't remember what I used to write them but they are saved in .wps which I know is word, but when I take them into word to open them all I get are funky symbols!! If any one knows how I can fix these please let me know!

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