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♥ Faerie Glade ♥ CT Tutorial ADI~Charmaine Flannery and a new Mask!

This tutorial was created with Photoshop CS6 or CS2 depending on what filters I use. Some older filters will no longer work in CS6. Can be done with other versions and/or programs.

Artist's Tube of choice: I am using the lovely Aimee, PTU work of Charmaine Flannery. Please DO NOT use her images without the proper license or permission. You can find this tube here 

Scrap Kit of choice: I am using the gorgeous PTU kit Fairy Dust by Tiny Turtle Designs. You can find this kit here

Mask of choice: I am using a mask that I made. ARZMN_Mask%06. and you can grab it by clicking on it to bring it to full size then save the image. Or mask of choice.

A Poem or part of one and/or a quote: The one I used is named In Faerie Glade and was written by John Bliven Morin. It can be found HERE 

Fonts of choice: I am using FFF Harmony for the ©, Eutimia I for the name, and ALS Script for the poem.

You will also need my preset shape PNG file if you are using Paint Shop Pro

If using Photoshop, the actual shape file, which you can download here 

Ok, grab a cuppa, and a munchie, and let's go!!

Please remember to SAVE your work often, RENAME your layers, and if you feel you have really messed up.... Remember that UNDO is your bestest friend!!

C/P = Drag and Drop OR Edit>Select All>Edit>Copy>Edit>Paste
DS = Drop Shadow
MV – Merge Visable

Create a new image 800 x 800 , transparent background, 72dpi/ppi. Name the file whatever you wish and hit ok.
C/P or apply the preset shape to the center of the canvas. Photoshop users, make sure your fill is set to white, or what ever color you wish to use and the stroke is set to null.
Prepare and apply the mask to the center of the canvas. C/P paper fairy dust (13) or whatever paper you wish to use, above your mask and create clipping mask. Duplicate the paper and with your burn tool darken up parts of the paper. The importance of using the shape under the mask is 1) The colors are so light that to actually see anything you would have to apply the mask twice. 2) Further down in the tut you will be adding some shadows that will give further depth to the image.

C/P fairy dust (83) to the upper right of the mask, and drag the layer under the mask layer, in the layer palette. With your eraser on a soft setting erase the part of the element that hangs inside the mask.

C/P fairy dust (5). Duplicate, and position each layer where you would like it to go. Erase parts of the glitter that fall on the hearts of the mask.

C/P fairy dust (80) and (108). Place one on each side of the mask and if needed erase a little of the trunks until they reach just the inside of the mask.

C/P your tube. Resize it down to what ever you desire. Place Aimee to the center and a little to the left, on top of the mask. Carefully erase around her knees so that it looks as if she is sitting inside of it. I left part of the cat too. Also carefully erase near her arms so more of the hearts show from the mask. See my tag above for reference.

C/P fairy dust (24), (22), and (114) Resize down and position to the right of Aimee and on top of the bottom of the tree.

C/P fairy dust (101) and place at the bottom half of Aimee.
Add any other elements that you wish to add.

Now lets brighten up some of the colors on our tube and butterflies.
Click on your tube layer to make Aimee active. Go to Image>Adjustments>Vibrance and play with the settings until you are happy with them. Do the same with the butterflies and other elements.

Add DS of choice to all elements except for your shape, mask and purple glitter.
Add the following DS to your SHAPE

Add the following DS to your MASK.

Select all layers in your layers palette. Do this by clicking on the top layer then hold your shift key and click on the last layer. Go to Edit>Transform>Scale. Reduce your image a bit. You want enough room to where you can fit a good size text around your image, without the text getting cut out of the canvas. Don't forget to hit the checkmark to apply the transformation.

Use the Sharpen>Unsharp Mask filter to sharpen your purple glitter. Then apply Noise at 15 gaussian. Add a slight DS.

Click on the very top layer in the layer palette. Select your Ellipse Tool with the following settings

Place your cursor near the center of the canvas, click and drag your mouse down and to the right until your circle goes completely around your image. Don't worry if it is off center, we will fix that now. In your layers palette, click the Paths tab. If you do not see it in your layers palette go to Window>Paths.

Click where it says Work Path, then right click on the actual path on your canvas and choose Free Transform Path. Click on your Move Tool and move your path to where you would like it.

Click back onto the layers tab. Choose your Text Tool. Select your font and font settings. Choose Center for your text alignment. Smooth for your anti-aliasing. Hover your cursor over your path until you see that the cursor has changed.

From this 
 to this

Click once then start typing your text from the poem. Add any layer styles that you wish to add to your text. Click on the Paths Tab one more time. Right click on the path and choose Delete Path. Click back on the layers tab.

Trim the empty space around your tag and resize it to 700 x 700. Place your name and © info. Save for Web as PNG-24

Oh lala, you are done!!

This tutorial was created by me, Mary Oakes aka Ariez Moon, on 01/14/2015. Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Please abide by my TOU and the TOU of Artists and Designers that you may use.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope that I did not do too bad of a job writing it. If you have any problems, questions, comments, or suggestions just give me a hollar in my Cbox, or connect with me on FB. I will get back to you as fast as I can.

As always, Happy PSPing.... and Photoshop too :) !!

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