Sunday, October 26, 2014

♥♥♥ TAG SHOW OFF!! ♥♥♥

Hiya!! So, every day I sit here while I write my tuts and stuff, and wonder..... "Hmmm... does anyone ever try my tuts? I know I have little to offer as far as resources go, but has any one used my templates yet? My two mini kits???" By looking at my little widget on the right, I see that I have visitors, but no one drops me a line.....

A few minutes ago, I went to FB and there was a message waiting for me! Some left me a little gift with one of the clusters I posted yesterday!! WOOT WOOT!! I think I could have cried, LOL!! 

Ok, so this has made me come to a decision to post SHOW OFFS!! If you visit my blog and use my stuffies, or even do my tuts, I would be very honored if you would let me show it off for you!! You don't even have to make one for me.

 I will always keep writing tuts, and when I have more time, make more templates, kits, and even masks and such, whether peeps actually do/use them or not.... but it would still be mind easing to let me know that they are some use to somebody and I am not actually doing things for nothing.....

ALRIGHTY...... on to the my first show off ever!!

As I said above this gorgeous little gift to me was made from one of my clusters that I posted yesterday. This little gem came from Becca!

Thank you so much Becca for my gorgeous tag!!

As always, Happy PSPing..... and Photoshop too!!

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