Sunday, March 17, 2013

It sucks when real life gets in the way for far too long!!

Well it has been a long time since I have been able to actually do anything as far as PSP goes. Tonight I am taking the time just to post and try to catch up and make sure everything is still here, little as there is. I think in the last year, I was able to make one whole tag and I made it as a gift to Barbara Jensen. I miss being able to have the time to spend and chat with everyone in the group. Amazing artist, she is!! Barb is the first artist that I bought tubes from when I started PSPing. Wasn't much into pinups then LOL. I guess when you start creating in PSP you stop looking at what you think it is and start looking at the wonderful things they represent. 

Anyway, the last year has been crazy crazy. Lost my job of over six years to "Corporate Downsizing", it was bad management as far as I am concerned.... oops, did I really type that out loud?? HA! With the loss of my job, we had to cut our bills in half so YEP there went the internet. Then my laptop died.  Then we moved. About a week after the move, I got hired at my current place of employment. All I got to say for it..... Talk about whacked up screwy freakin' hours!!!! I hate it!! The way you get scheduled on any given day EXCEPT for your day off.... well, you might as well forget about having any type of plans!!! Then by the time ya get home and get all the stuff done at home that needs to be done, who the heck has time to do anything?

Are ya tired of reading about my crappy year? Yeah, me too LOL. Well, I'm over it! Juss sayin'..... Soooo I have decided to just make time, no matter how late it is when I get home.... or how tired I am.... I'm makin' time. PSP is my time!!

UPDATED my links to supplies and such, if anyone ever visits this blog or even cares to.

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