Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Woo Hooo! I'm really excited! I took a dive into Super Blade Pro!!!

My SBP Adventure

I love Super Blade Pro! So much in fact, I will spend days on end looking for presets. I have folders and folders full of them!! My adventure began via Google Netlines searching for sites that carried MsKris's SBP presets because most of mine got corrupted some how, while I was patiently waiting to get internet service turned back on (ummmm, yeah.... major crash and no money for a new comp). Any hooo, I got sick and tired of finding site after site and forum after forum abandoned into cyberspace so my PEA SIZED brain had a pretty LARGE SIZED idea.....:"GO MAKE YOUR OWN!!", it screamed at me. Now ya know it is pretty bad when you answer yourself or even laugh at yourself and your grand ideas, but I did (and my kids had a field day with it, thinking I was looney tunes) and off I went!

It took me 3 whole hours to make just ONE lil ol' preset. I made up my own bmp's and all!! And I just loved what I created..... Enough rambling about it now, I promise. So without further ado, Here is my pretty bad preview of my own SBP preset creation. If you like it, it is called Bubble Mint Gum (ha ha ha), grab the download link By clicking on the preview and please leave me some sugared love.

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  1. nice one .. wil install it and letcha see what i make from it ...cheers. teejay