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~~ CT Tutorial ~~ Fight Like A Girl! Featuring Shining Star Art ♥

This tutorial was written by me, Mary Oakes aka Ariez Moon, on October 3, 2014. Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Please abide my TOU.

This tutorial was created with Paintshop Pro X4 but can done on other programs and/or versions.

Paintshop Pro or Program of choice.
Tube of choice: I am using a gorgeous PTU Poser tube called Sloane by Shining Star Art. You can find this lovely at
Scrap Kit of choice: I chose to use a pretty PTU pinkalicious kit in leu of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, from Tiny Turtle Designs called Coco Dreams and you can purchase this kit at
Items Used
Paper 18
Elements – 21, 22, 58, 67, 76, 77, 87, 135, 136, and 140
Mask of Choice: I am using Lise's mask # 2 and you can find it HERE
Fonts of Choice: I chose to use FFF Majestica for the ©, Hobo STD for the word art, and Love Light for my name.
Filters of Choice: I used:
Eye Candy 5 Impact – Gradient Glow, Perspective Shadow, and Glass
Xero – Porcelain, Mistifier, and Fuzzifier
Flaming Pear – SuperBlade Pro with the M_Coconutice Preset. You can find the preset HERE along with some other pretty presets.
Toadies – What Are You?

    * Please Note * If you do not know how to use SuperBlade Pro, You can find a tutorial HERE
Ok Grab snacks, soda/coffee, smokes etc. Get comfy. Ready??
Please remember to save your work often!! Away We Go!! WEEEE!!!1

Open a New Image 900x900, transparent background. 72 ppi. And name the file whatever you like. Hit OK. I know its big but this will give us room to work with and we will re-size later.

Flood Fill Layer 1 with white so that you can see what you are doing.. Double click on the layer in the Layers Palette and re-name this layer Background.

Open paper 18. Right click on the top of the image and choose Copy. Right click on the top of your working canvas and choose Paste as New Layer.

Open up your Mask, click on your working canvas and go to LAYERS>NEW MASK LAYER>FROM IMAGE. In the drop down menu choose Lise Mask 2. Source luminance ticked and click OK.

In the Layers Palette, Right Click on the Mask Layer and choose MERGE>MERGE GROUP. Right click again and choose Duplicate. Click on the eye of your Background layer in the Layer Palette to close the layer off, Right click on one of the mask layers and choose MERGE>MERGE VISIBLE

Duplicate this layer, close off the top layer, click on the bottom mask layer and go to EFFECTS>PLUGINS>TOADIES>WHAT ARE YOU?. X and Y Dose both at 14.
Duplicate this layer, and Merge Visible. Un-hide the top layer and Merge Visible. Rename this layer Mask. Un-hide the Background layer.


Click on the top layer In your Layer Palette. Open element 15. Copy and Paste as a New Layer onto your working Canvas. Apply the filter Xero - Mistifier to the layer with the default settings. Rename this layer Frame.

Open element 75 and Copy and Paste it as a new layer. Drag the layer in the Layers Palette under the frame layer, and position it to your liking with the Move Tool. Make the frame layer active and with your Magic Wand Tool click inside the frame. Go to SELECTIONS>MODIFY>EXPAND, and expand by 8 px. Go to SELECTIONS>INVERT Click on the black heart layer, then hit Delete on your keyboard. This should get rid of all the rest of the heart that sat outside of the frame layer. Apply Xero – Fuzzifier to this layer. Right click on the Frame layer and choose MERGE>MERGE DOWN.

Open and Copy and Paste your tube. If needed, re-size by 70% and Sharpen. Slightly move the tube to the right of the frame and down a bit with your Move Tool. Duplicate the tube. On the top tube go to ADJUST>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR by 4 or 5px. Set that layer's Blend Mode to Overlay. On the bottom tube apply Xero - porcelain at the default settings. Close off all but the two tube layers in the Layers Palette, right click on one of the two layers and Merge Visible. Name this layer Tube. Un-hide all layers.


Make the top layer active in your Layer Palette. Open element 67 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer onto your working canvas. Re-size by 50% making sure that Resize All Layers is UN CHECKED.. Go to IMAGE>FREE ROTATE and rotate 20 degrees to the Right. Sharpen and place over the bottom of the legs of the tube. I colorized the fan a bit, just to make the pink a little darker, but you don't have to, if you don't want to. Rename this layer Fan.

Open and Copy and Paste as a new layer element 140. Position the flower to the right of your tube, and drag the layer down under the tube layer, in your Layers Palette. Rename this layer Jeweled Flower.

Open and Copy and Paste as a new layer element 58. Re-size if you so desire. Drag this layer down under the black flower and position the roses just under the tubes elbow.. Rename this layer Rose Cluster.

Open and Copy and Paste element 22. Re-size the flower by 40 to 50%. It will all depend on how big you want it to be. Drag the layer under the frame layer and position the flower just under the leaves of the rose from the frame. Duplicate the flower twice and drag one of the layers above the Fan layer, in your Layer Palette. With your eraser tool, erase the part of the flower that covers the bottom of the rose and the leaves. With the other duplicated layer position the other flower just to the left of the original under the frame. See my tag for reference. Rename these layers Pink Flowers 1, 2, and 3.

Click on the Fan layer to make it active and Duplicate it. Drag this layer above the flower that you just used your eraser on, and erase part of the Fan that covers the upper petals of the flowers. Rename this layer Fan 2.


Open, Copy and Paste element 135. Position the layer below the Frame layer but above the Pink Flower layer of the left side of the Frame. Rename Layer to Black Rose.

Open, Copy and Paste element .136 and position it on top of the Black Rose, right in the middle. Re-size if you like, but I didn't. IMAGE>ROTATE>FREE ROTATE and rotate by 20 degrees to the right.. Rename this layer Skull.

Ok, last element for the time being. Open, Copy and Paste element 87. Go to IMAGE>MIRROR and then re-size down to your liking. Drag the layer above your Frame Layer in the Layers Palette and position the Butterfly near the large rose on the Frame. Rename this layer Butterfly.

Now take a look at your tag and see if everything is where you want it. Lookin' gorgeous!!!! Click on each layer one at a time and give them a light fat drop shadow using Eye Candy 5 Imapct – Perspective Shadow. DO NOT put a shadow on Pink Flower 2 and Fan 2 or you will see where you erased on it. You can use these settings or one of your own.

Delete your Background layer. We no longer need it.

Now let's do a little re-sizing. Click on your Mask layer and re-size by 80%. Click on your Crop Tool on the Tool Bar Palette. Up top you will see the settings options. Find where it says “Snap crop rectangle to” and click on the very last button. When you hover your cursor over it, it should read Merged Opaque. Click on the green check mark to apply it.

Close off the Mask layer in the Layers Palette. Go to IMAGE>RESIZE and re-size by 70 or 80%. It will depend on how big you want your tag and what tube you are using as far as their TOU goes. This time make sure that Resize All Layers IS CHECKED. Un hide your Mask layer. Now Click on each layer, one at a time respectively and sharpen each layer.


Alrighty then! On to the text!
Grab your Pen Tool! We need to draw a path for our text to go. Now, here, we could have used our ellipse tool but I didn't want a perfect circle. Pen Tool settings below:

Draw a slightly wavy but curved line, starting near the Black Rose and ending just near your tubes head. You should now have a Vector layer in your Layer Palette. That is a good thing!
Grab your Text Tool. Set your Font at Hobo STD Set the Size around 40 points. If it ends up to big, that is OK cuz we can fix it after you are done typing out the text. In your Materials Palette choose a pink color of your liking for the Background/Fill properties, and Null out Forground/Stroke properties. Start at the very left of the line. Hover your cursor over the line and when you see the cursor change to an A with a rounded line under it Left click.
Type out “Fight Like A Girl”. If your text looks ok, click the check mark in the settings bar to apply.
If your text looks too small or too big, highlight your text by dragging + left click or your text, just like you would regular text. Click inside the Size box in the Settings bar and use your mouse wheel to scroll up or down as needed. The size of the text will change as you do so. When you are happy with it, click on the check mark to apply it.

Now you should have marching ants known as a Selection around your text. In your filters, apply Flaming Pear – SuperBlade Pro with the M_coconutice preset. ( please refer to the supplies section above if you do not know how to use SBP. I have a link there that will take you to a site away from my blog, where there is a tut on how to use it. ). DO NOT Deselect yet, Sharpen, and then go to your filters and apply Eye Candy 5 Impact – Glass with these settings.

Sharpen. Deselect and apply Eye Candy 5 Impact – Gradient Glow with these setting and the color White, or one of your own:

Apply the Gradient Glow a second time, this time using the pink color from your text. Add the Perspective Shadow. Now Delete the VECTOR layer. Drag your Text layer under your Frame layer in the Layers Palette and position the text just under the Frame a bit. Rename this layer Text.

Grab your Text Tool. Font set to Love Light, size at 36 points, Alignment to Center, Anti-Alias to Smooth, and change the Stroke Width to 3. In your Materials Palette choose a light pink for your Forground/Stroke properties, and a dark pink for your Background/Fill Properties. Type out your name, and using the same steps as above apply your filters, but instead of using Gradient Glow twice, only use it once with the White. Position where you are happy with it. Rename this layer Name. Tip – If you are a batch scripter you may wanna create your text as Vector, instead of floating, Duplicate your text vector layer. On the top layer convert to Raster then select all>float>defloat, then apply your filters. That we you always have your text layer there.

One last time, Grab your Text Tool for your © credits. Font FFF Majestica, Size 8 pixels. Alignment Left, Anti-Alias Off, Stroke Width 0, and Create as Vector. Type out your credits and License # if needed. Convert to Raster and apply any affects to it, to make it stand out with out it taking away from the tag itself. Most people use a soft shadow or gradient glow. Position to your liking. Rename this layer ©

Open, Copy and Paste element 77 as a new layer. Drag the layer under the Frame layer but above the Text layer. Position to your liking, Duplicate and again position to your liking. Rename these layers Scatter 1 and 2.


Home stretch!! Close off Mask, Text, Scatter 1 and 2, Name, and © layers. Right click on an open layer and MERGE>MERGE VISIBLE. Let's make it look a little dreamy, so apply Xero – Mistifier at the default settings. Apply Perspective Shadow. Make sure that this Layer is under your © and Name layer, in the layers Palette. Open all Layers.


Export as Transparent PNG, Name it, save it in which ever directory you want and WAHOOOO, You are finished!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope that I did not do too bad of a job writing it. If you have any problems, questions. or comments just give me a hollar and I will try to help you as fast and as best as I can.

As always, Happy PSPing...... and Photoshop too!!

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