Tuesday, September 2, 2014

~~ CT Tutorial for Shining Star Art ~~ We Built This City

This tutorial was written by me, Mary Oakes aka Ariez Moon on September 1, 2014. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Please be sure to abide by my TOU

This tutorial was created in Photoshop but can be done in other Programs as well, and is written to help beginners and pros alike. I for one am kinda new at Photoshop myself!! :) Don't let it intimidate you!! Seriously, it is almost as easy as PSP and a lot of tools and such are basically the same. 

Photoshop or program of choice.
Filters: Only those within Photoshop.
Tube of choice: I am using the gorgeous Poser tube "Jaime" By Shining Star Art and you can find her at 
Please do not use her art without the appropriate license to do so.

Fonts: FFF Protegy for © - Billion Stars for your Name - VTKS Classical Hit and Music Warrior for the word art.
Photoshop Style: A silver style that looks best on small fonts. 
Mask: Inspired By Samii Mask 1 from Creative Misfits. Sorry but I can't find the actual link.
Scraps: By Abstract Creations. This is a Rebel Dezigns exclusive kit called Rebels Rock and you can find it HERE. Please register in the forum, participate and have a blast!!
Kit elements used:
e6, e18, e21, e25, e34, e40, and e41

Ok,grab a cuppa or a soda and get comfy.
Lets Begin... weeeee!!

If you feel that you have messed up, remember that UNDO is your bestest friend!!

File > New Image 900 x 900 pixels, so you have room to work with. Transparent background. 72ppi, and name the file whatever it is that you would like to call it. 

Set up and apply your mask. In Photoshop you have to remove the black in your mask, unlike PSP. I use a Photoshop action to prepare my masks. You can find a tut on how to do this also at Rebel Dezigns.  Hold down the Shift key while clicking on the masks thumbnail in the layer palette and dragging it into your new canvas. 

Grab your Move Tool and in the settings in the upper tool bar, make sure Show Transform Control is ticked, grab some points of the mask and stretch it out a bit in all sides to make the mask bigger. 

Open paper 3. Place in the middle of your working canvas and just like you did with your mask, stretch it out to cover your mask layer. 
Create a clipping mask by moving your cursor between the paper and mask thumbnails in the layers palette, hold the Alt key and click. Now make that paper layer active, right click and choose Duplicate Layer. Use your Move Tool and rotate the paper clockwise some, to your liking. Set the Blending Mode for this layer to Overlay. Right click and choose Merge Visible.


Open element 18 and apply it to the center of your working canvas. Double click on the layer's thumbnail to pull up the Blending Options and click on Drop Shadow. Don't touch anything, just leave it at default settings. Hit OK.

Open element 21 place over the bottom center of the Frame element. You may choose to resize this if you would like, but I didn't. If you choose to resize make sure you hold Alt+Shift as you do it so you keep it proportional. In Blending Options add the default Drop Shadow.

Open your Jaime tube. Apply her to the middle of your canvas and resize to your liking. Position her so that she is between the Cityscape and the Frame. Add a drop shadow that looks best to you.

Open element 6. Make the Frame layer active. Place element 6 behind and to the right of the Cityscape element, so that it rests on the Frame element. Resize to your liking if you wish.
Grab your Eraser Tool, zoom in on the element and erase a small section of the balloon's stick to make it look like it is going through one of the chain links. Also erase part of the star to make it look as though it is under the frame. Reference below.


Click on the Cityscape to make it active. Open element 25 and apply it to your working canvas. Resize it and move it to the bottom left of the Cityscape. Add the default Drop Shadow.

Open element 41 and apply it to your working canvas. Add the default Drop Shadow and position at bottom left of the Cityscape, Drag the layer down under the Emo Bear in the layer palette so it sits behind the bear.

Open element 34. Resize and move it above but to the bottom right of the Cityscape.

Open element 40. Resize and position it just above the Headphones.  Rotate it slightly clockwise. Add the same default Drop Shadow to add a little definition to the element. 


Word Art

Grab your Text Tool. Font VTKS Classical Hit, size 72, color Black. Type out the words Rock ~N~ Roll. If you are happy with it apply the text by clicking on the Check Mark in the Tool Bar.  Right click on the text layer thumbnail in the layer palette and pull up the Blending Options palette. Use the following settings:

Create a new layer. Grab your Text Tool again with the font Music Warrior, size 40, and any color. It doesn't matter because we will be applying a style over it. 
Type out the words We Built This City On. If you are happy with it, click the check mark to apply it. Move the text so it sits on top of Rock N Roll near the bottom. Apply your silver layer style. Ctrl+Click on the Rock N Roll text layer in the Layer palette, then position your word art just a little over the top of the headphones so that it looks like the wing of the heart is lying over it. 


Now take one final look at your tag and see if you want to make any adjustment with positioning, drop shadows and what not. Adjust as needed. 

Go to Image > Trim with the following setting. This will crop all the transparent space around your tag.

Now right click on the top of your working canvas and choose Image Size. Under Pixel Dimensions, make sure that pixels are selected and type in 600 for the Width. Make sure that all three boxes at the bottom are checked and hit OK. Your tag should now be an appropriate size.

Last steps adding your name and © information.

Make your top layer active and create a new layer. Grab your Ellipse Tool and make sure that the Path Button, Cirlcle, and From Middle is selected. Follow my red dots on the screenshot for a better idea.
Find the approximate middle of your frame and click and drag out a cirlce to just about the middle part of the chain and release your mouse. You should now have a path there for your text.

Grab your text tool with the font Billion Stars, size 100, color black. On the left side of your tag, Place your cursor over the text until it changes to a little tail like this ~. Type out your name. Make a selection on your name by Ctrl+click on the Text layer thumbnail. Go to Select > Modify > Expand and type in 2.

 Create a new layer.
Grab  your Paint Bucket Tool using a light gray color from your Cityscape and flood fill the selection a couple of times. Do not deselect.  Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and type in 50. Hit OK. Keep selected Go to Filter > Pixelate > Pointillize, and set the slider to 3. Deselect. 
Go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask with these settings.

Add the default Drop Shadow and drag this layer under the text layer in the Layer palette.
Add the correct © with FFF Protege, size 8pt., Anti-Aliasing set to None, color black with a stroke of white and you are done!!

HIT FILE > SAVE!!!  Then File > Save for Web in PNG !!

 I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope that I did not do too bad of a job writing it. If you have any problems, questions. or comments just give me a hollar and I will try to help you as fast and as best as I can. 

As always, Happy PSPing...... and Photoshop too!!

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