Monday, May 27, 2013

About WikMail

Incredimail users.... are you tired of the bull crap you are now dealing with within the changes of Incredimail? Well, I am!! I get sick every time I think of the money I wasted on the program just to find out that I will have to pay even more now that Incredimail has changed everything. I already paid all kinds of money for the complete version + Gold Content and all that crap just so they can change it and make more money off of me??? NO THANK YOU!!!! 

So I have incredible (pun INTENDED!) news for you all.... After doing some searches a couple of months back I came across WikMail!! It is a ton BETTER than Incredimail without all the constant bloatware that IM carries. You can send and recieve mail, create your own stats using the Stationary Creator or your own HTML. There are notifiers (called Mascots within WikMail), Ecards (Postcards with a Creator), Skins, Skin Creator, and Stamps. Best of all YOU CAN EVEN IMPORT YOUR IM STATS AND NOTIFIERS INTO WIKMAIL.

Jeepers!!! What are you waiting for?? Go get it!!

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