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~CT Forum Set Tutorial~ PTU Angel In Paradise Featuring Angel Rose Kit by Scrappin Krazy Designs♥

This tutorial was written by me, Mary Oakes aka Ariez Moon, on September 4, 2014. Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Please abide my TOU.

This was written for PSP X4 but I am sure that it can be done in other versions and/or programs.

Scrap kit of choice: I am using the gorgeous kit Angel Rose by Scrappin Krazy Designs and you can find it at
Elements Used
papers 09 and 14
elements 01, 08, 09, 15, 23, 24, 38, 59, 67, 70, and 77

Tube of choice: I chose the beautiful pinup art of Barbara Jensen.. You must have the proper license to use her art work. You can purchase all her beauties at

ColorCopNo, this is not a filter, This is a nifty light weight program that you select colors with and it will give you RGB and Hex color values. Handy for color correction.... etc.
Gradient: I used Raeshena Batch 2 001 gradient from DeviantArt but you can use one of your own as well.
Filters: Xero – SoftMood
AAA Frames – Foto Frame
Fonts of choice: I am using FFF Harmony for the © and Billion Stars for the name.

I wanted to animate this but my internet is being wacky and I wanted to get it finished, so I can't look for any, and I didn't like the looks of the animations I have saved. I know..... ya really didn't need to know that :)

Got ya some goodies and something to wet your whistle? Alrighty then!
Let's Begin!
Please remember to save your work often!

Install Color Cop and place your gradient into your Documents>My PSP>Gradients folder. Do this before you open PSP.

I needed to make some changes to my tube as far as color goes. That is why I love Barb's tubes so much. There are not too many artists that let you colorize their work. I want my tube to have a softer pink with some peach in it. If you do not need to change any coloring, then you can skip these steps.
First we need to prepare the tube. Go ahead and open up your tube. Hold Shift + D on your keyboard to duplicate the image. Close the original. This is so we don't accidentally make permanent changes to the original tube. Close off all layers of the tube that you do not wish to use. On my tube I wanted a softer pink for her wings and around her eyes, so the layers I chose were the pink wings, golden hair, and pink with black shadow. Then I made sure the rest of the layers are closed. We are going to use the Manual Correction Tool to colorize.
Now open an element from the kit you are going to be using, that has the color of what you want your wings to be. In my case I used a rose, ele04 to be exact. Open up Color Cop.

Click and drag the eye dropper over a color of your element that you wish to use and then click on that spot. This color is going to be your Target color. Now with the eye dropper click on the color in the wings that occurs most often. This is going to be your Source color. Take a good look at Color Cop. Notice how it saved both of the colors that you chose, with their color values? Pretty Nifty huh?
OK, make sure your wing layer is active in the Layers Palette. Find your Manual Color Correction Tool within your program. I only say this because I don't remember which version they stopped adding it to within the Tool Palettes. If you don't see it, never fear Mary is here!! Go HERE to see a small tut to get it back :)
Now you should have the Manual Color Correction Tool open in your workspace. It looks like this

See the little arrow where it says Preview? Click on that arrow so you can see what you are doing :)

In Color Cop, click on the first color you chose ( from wings ) and copy the Hex code. Click on the box under Source in Color Correction and when the Color window pops up paste the Hex code. Go back to Color Cop, click on the your second color ( from element ), copy the Hex code, then click on the Target color box and paste that Hex code.
Does it look close or dead on to the color you wish them to be? Great!! If not, you can further tweak the color using the Hue Saturation and Lightness sliders there on the bottom. Click OK

Now click on the Pink Black Shadow layer, to make it active. With your Magic Wand Tool, Mode Add, Match Mode Color and Tolerance set at 30, click on a little bit of the pink shadow on each eye to make a selection. With Color Cop, grab the color. In the Manual Color Correction paste the Hex code ONLY in the Source color, and hit OK.
We are done preparing our tube.

Open a New Image 600 x 200px, 72ppi, transparent background, and name your file.
Open paper 09, Right click on the top of the papers window and choose Copy. Click on your working canvas to make it active and go to SELECTIONS>SELECT ALL. Right click on the canvas window and choose PASTE>PASTE INTO SELECTION. Double click on the is layer in the Layer Palette, and Rename this layer Paper 1.
Create a new layer, open and copy paper 14. On your working canvas Paste Into Selection. Go to SELECTIONS>SELECT NONE. In the Blend Modes within your Layer Palette choose Hard Light. Rename this layer Paper 2.

Create a new layer, in your Materials Palette set your Forground/Stroke to Gradient and choose the Raeshena_B2_001 Gradient.

Grab your Paint Bucket Tool and Flood Fill the layer. Set the Blend Mode to Overlay. Right click on the layer in the Layers Palette and choose Duplicate. Right click and choose Merge>Merge Down. Rename this layer Gradient.

Open, Copy and Paste as a new layer ele70. With your Move Tool, position at the bottom of the canvas, as if it were grass. Rename this layer Grass.


Copy and Paste as a new layer ele09. Go to IMAGE>RESIZE and resize by 30% making sure that Resize All Layers is unchecked. Go to ADJUST>SHARPNESS>SHARPEN. Position it so that it sits at the bottom left of the canvas. Rename the layer White Rose.

Copy and Paste ele23 as a new layer. Resize by 20%, sharpen, and position at the top left of the canvas. In the Layers Palette, drag this layer under the White Rose layer. Rename this layer Lily.

Copy and Paste as a new layer ele01. Resize by 20%, sharpen, and position in the middle of the other two flowers and to the right a bit. Drag this layer down in the Layers Palette so that it is under the Lily layer. Rename this layer Pink Rose. Duplicate and drag the layer above the Lily Layer. With your Eraser tool, erase a section of the Pink Rose to make it look as if the Lily shows through on top of the Rose and a little rose layer.

Copy and Paste as a new layer ele24. Resize by 40%, sharpen, then Duplicate twice. Position a leaf to the farthest left of the canvas, and drag the layer under all the flower layers. Grab your Pick Tool, Mode set to Free, and rotate the second leaf to your liking. Position the leaf so that it is just peaking our from the white rose, and drag the layer under all the flowers also. Do the same for the last leaf. Hide all layers in the Layers Palette except the three leaves. Merge Visible. Go to EFFECTS>3D EFFECTS>DROP SHADOW and add a soft blurry Drop Shadow.

Now un-hide the four flower layers. Add the same Drop Shadow to each flower as you did the leaves EXCEPT the layer PINK ROSE COPY. If you add a shadow to that layer you will see your eraser marks. Now Merge Layers Visible. Duplicate, on the top layer go to EFFECTS>PLUGINS>XERO>SOFTMOOD with these settings;

Lower the opacity of the layer to 80 and Merge Visible. Then lower the opacity just a tad bit more. Un-hide all layers. Rename this layer Front Flowers.


Copy and Paste as a new layer, your tube. Resize by 80% and position in the middle of the canvas. Sharpen, Duplicate. On the top layer go to ADJUST>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR and blur by 5. Lower the opacity of the layer to 60. On the bottom layer add the same blurry Drop Shadow as before but change the opacity to 85. Hide all layers except your two tube layers and Merge Visible. Rename this layer Tube. Un-Hide all layers.

Copy and Paste ele67 as a new raster layer. Resize by 30% and add the blurry Drop Shadow. Position the bird so that it is behind the tubes left wing a bit. Drag the layer under the tube layer and rename the layer Bird. Close off all layers except Bird and Front Flowers and Merge these two layers Visible. Un-hide layers.

Open ele08 and Copy and Paste as a new layer. Resize by 60%. Grab your Manual Color Correction Tool. With these settings

Drag the layer under your tube layer and position behind the tubes right wing. Add a slight Drop Shadow of choice but use a dark teal color for the shadow.
 Name this layer Cloud. Hide all layers except Cloud, Paper 1, Paper 2, Gradient, and Grass. Merge these layers Visible. Rename this layer back to Background.

Copy and Paster ele77. Resize by 40% then sharpen. Add this Drop Shadow.

Position the bridge so that it is in the upper right hand corner and drag the layer under your tube layer. Rename the layer Bridge.

Copy and Paste ele38 as new layer, resize by 60% and sharp;en twice. You will notice a little branch that sticks up on the blossom. Zoom in and with your eraser tool erase that little branch, real close to the larger branch so that it isn't noticeable. Add your blurry Drop Shadow. Drag the layer under the tube but above the Bridge and position to the right hand side of the canvas., slightly down from the Bridge. Rename this layer Blossoms.

Copy and Paste ele59 as a new layer, resize by 60%. Go to IMAGE>MIRROR. Sharpen twice. Position the rose vine so that it sits just under the Blossoms, then drag the layer in the Layers Palette under the Blossoms layer. Add the blurry Drop Shadow. Rename to Roses.


Last element. Copy and paste ele15. Resize by 40%. Mirror image, and free rotate 40 degrees. Sharpen and add the blurry shadow. Positon near the Roses and down just a bit. Drag the layer under the tube and the blossoms, but above the roses. Rename this layer Heart.

Hide all layers except Bridge, Blossoms, Roses, and Heart. Merge Visible. Duplicate, gaussian blur by 5 and reduce opacity to 50. Rename the layer back to Bridge.

Ok, let's do the background of the Avatar before we go any further. Un-hide all your layers except for you Tube layer ( unless you want it to show in your AV Choose a spot on your tag that you want to use as your AV. Got it? Awesome!
Click on your Selection Tool. And set your settings at Preset- Rounded Rectangle, Anti-Alias checked, and then click on the Custom Selection Toggle. Should be the first Toggle Button under Create Selection From. Settings – Top 0, Right 150, Bottom 150. Left 0.
Go to SELECTIONS>EDIT SELECTIONS then with your Move Tool place the selection where you want it. Then go back to Edit Selections. Right click on the top of your canvas window and choose Copy Merged. Right click on your Workspace and Paste as New Image.
Go to your plugins and Apply AAA Frames>Foto Frame with the following settings

Activate your Text Tool. Font Billion Stars, size 48 points, Centered, Anti-Alias Smooth, Stoke set to 2, and Create as Vector. In your Materials Palette, set Forground/Stroke to a light pink and your Background/Fill to a light yellow. Type out your name. Convert to Raster, and add your favorite Drop Shadow. To soften it a bit I reduced the opacity of the layer to 80, but you don't have to if you don't want to. You can also add any effects to it that you wish to add, before you add the shadow. Rename This Layer Name Do not place it anywhere yet. Leave where it is. Hide the layer.
Now with the same font, add your Initial to the AV only change the size to 28 and add the same effects. Position where you want it. Merge your AV visible. At the end, after you export it as a JPEG or PNG, make sure you undo until you entered your initial. That way if you want to make gifts you can. 

On your main tag
Add the copyright info with FFF Harmony. Size 8 pixels. Left. Anti-Alias off, create as Vector. Whatever color you wish it to be, convert to Raster. Add any effects you wish it have to make it stand out with out taking away from the softness of the tag.
Rename this Layer ©. Leave where it is and hide the layer.

Ok Making sure that your Name and © layers are closed, and that the rest of the layers are open, merge Visible and apply AAA Frames - Foto Frame with the same settings as you did for your AV. Now open up your text layers and position each one where you want them.

PHEW!!! We are done!! Now all you have to do is save each one as JPEG or PNG, Name it, store it!!!! Undo your effects until you get back to the Vector layer and then save, so you can make gifts.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope that I did not do too bad of a job writing it. If you have any problems, questions. or comments just give me a hollar and I will try to help you as fast and as best as I can.

As always, Happy PSPing...... and Photoshop too!!
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